What Does Medicare Cover For Diabetes Costs For Medicare Part A & B?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: April 24, 2015

What Does Medicare Cover For Diabetics? Diabetes is one of the fastest-growing medical conditions in America and can be one of the most costly conditions to treat. Diabetes costs for Medicare are important for Medicare beneficiaries to know. According to the Center for Disease Control, there are currently 21.0 million Americans who have been diagnosed […]

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How To Enroll For Medicare Easily and Quickly in Omaha, Nebraska

By: Chris Grimmond • On: April 4, 2015

Enroll in Medicare Online Without Breaking a Sweat Don’t expect a letter from Medicare. Don’t wait for a phone call. No one will show up at your door from Social Security with a red, white, and blue Medicare card in hand. You are on your own enrolling for Medicare.  So, how do you do it? […]

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What Does Medicare A Cover For Free And Not Cover?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: March 31, 2015

Know What Medicare A Covers I have known veterans who only took Medicare A because it was free, and they opted out of  Medicare Part B for doctor and outpatient services because it cost something.  They thought Medicare A was enough because they could rely on the VA hospital.  The VA, however, changes what it […]

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How Much Is Medicare Part A Deductible For 2021?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: March 27, 2015

Like most children, I learned to sing the alphabet before I learned to read it. From that humble beginning, language opened up to me. Why does that matter when we’re talking about Medicare? You can’t understand language without first understanding the alphabet. Medicare has a language and an alphabet all its own.    Medicare Part […]

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How Does the ACA Affect Omaha Medicare Recipients?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: March 11, 2015

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has left many Americans with questions, especially lately with many of the regulations going into effect for 2015. The ACA provides a Health Insurance Marketplace, designed to assist people who don’t otherwise have health coverage through their employer or otherwise. How does this all affect Omaha Medicare Recipients? The short […]

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Omaha Insurance Solutions

Ron & Terri T.

Chris and his team are absolutely amazing. He is so knowledgeable of the Medicare sign up process that we were totally impressed and would highly recommend Chris and his team to anyone. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Joe & Myra R.

What an adventure! We started getting ourselves educated about Medicare insurance coverage several years ago – a bit too early, given how things change every year! While we had a foundational knowledge of the basics, it was helpful to work with Chris to fine tune all the nuances and make sure we were enrolling in the plan that best met our needs. Fingers crossed that our retirement and future insurance needs do not present any unwelcomed “surprises”. If that’s the case, we’ll be setting up time with Chris to help us through it!

Lisa G

Thank you Christopher!
You made the whole process of choosing a Medicare supplement easy and less confusing.
I appreciate your knowledge and professionalism. You are a great asset to all of us “young at heart” clients!
I will give your name and number to my eligible Medicare friends.
Thanks again,