Why Nebraska Medicare Advantage Plans Do It Better

By: Chris Grimmond • On: May 3, 2022

What Are Medicare Advantage Plans First of All? Medicare Advantage Plans, sometimes called “Part C” or “MA Plans,” are an “all in one” alternative to Original Medicare. Original Medicare is just Part A and Part B.  It is Original Medicare because that is how “originally” Medicare started. Private insurance companies approved by Medicare create and […]

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Who Pays For Medicare?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: April 27, 2022

What is Medicare? Medicare is under the Social Security Administration (SSA).  SSA is the bookkeeper for Medicare collecting premiums from Medicare beneficiaries and distributing funds to Medicare and insurance companies with Medicare contracts.  The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is the federal agency that manages the Medicare Program. CMS is under the Department […]

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Nebraska Medicaid Changes

By: Chris Grimmond • On: April 23, 2022

Initiative 427 The Nebraska Medicaid program currently provides coverage to approximately 240,000 Nebraskans, with expenditures totaling $2,117,730.000 in 2018. Nebraska voters passed Initiative 427 in the November 2018 election that expanded Medicaid coverage to eligible able-bodied adults ages 19-64 who earn up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level. That is about $17,000 per year for a single […]

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How To File A Medicare Claim

By: Chris Grimmond • On:

Beneficiary Assignment For Medicare Claims The provider or institution will file a Medicare claim most of the time. They must file the claim within twelve months of service, but there may be some instances when it doesn’t happen. Your healthcare provider cannot file the claim, or they won’t. Some providers and suppliers do not take […]

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Why You Should Use a Licensed Medicare Insurance Agent?

By: Chris Grimmond • On:

Why Do You Need a Medicare Agent? Many who turn 65 realize why they need a licensed Medicare insurance agent specializing in Medicare planning. Insurance companies and insurance agents inundated you with letters, postcards, brochures, booklets, and phone calls. You need to contact the FBI for witness protection to avoid the bombardment you get from […]

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How Do You Get Medicare Dental Coverage?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: April 22, 2022

Medicare Dental Coverage For Seniors Medicare dental coverage is confusing because the Medicare language is confusing.  The word Medicare is used to describe “Original Medicare,” which is Medicare Part A for the hospital and Medicare Part B for doctor visits and outpatient procedures.  Medicare is also used to describe Medicare Part C (or Medicare Advantage […]

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What Is Medicare Advantage Plans

By: Chris Grimmond • On: April 17, 2022

What Is the Medicare Advantage Controversy About? Medicare Advantage plans (MA plans) or Medicare Part C is Medicare.  Confused people get it wrong.  Some will call MA plans a “Medicare replacement plan.”  Others will claim Medicare Part C is not Medicare.  Let me let you in on a little secret.  Medicare is in the name–“Medicare […]

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The Secret to Keeping Your Medicare With Your Doctor

By: Chris Grimmond • On:

Do All Doctors Accept Medicare Advantage Plans? Keeping your doctor when on Medicare is very important for many Medicare beneficiaries.  The Secret to keeping your doctor when on Medicare is easy. Dr. Paul Martin, MD The doctor who delivered me also delivered my two younger brothers, my father and his brother and sister.  My Grandpa […]

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Medicare Enrollment Dates to Remember

By: Chris Grimmond • On:

As much information as there is about Medicare, I’m surprised people still do not remember important Medicare dates.  The surplus of commercials, mailers, emails, and advertisements probably do more to obscure and confuse people about Medicare enrollment dates.  The first Medicare enrollment date to remember is the most important one. Medicare Initial Enrollment Period You […]

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Medicare Open Enrollment Is the Time to Pay Attention to Your Plan

By: Chris Grimmond • On: April 14, 2022

Medicare Open Enrollment Is Also Known As Medicare Annual Election Period  Medicare Open Enrollment is when people may make changes to their Medicare plan.  Medicare Open Enrollment is also called Annual Election Period or AEP. That is the new official name Medicare Open Enrollment.  Annual Election Period (AEP) is when you can change your Medicare Part D prescription […]

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Omaha Insurance Solutions

Rich & Arlene R.

I had great concern over making the decision regarding my transition to Medicare, but Chris eased my anxiety by providing clear details and simple explanations. He carefully took me through the process and encourage me to make decisions in my best interest. Chris is friendly and I enjoyed his company. He is a fine professional and I highly recommend his services.

Doug & Vicki K.

Chris does an excellent job of listening to your needs. He uses that information to help you choose the best plan out of many options. Very happy for all his help.

Tony A.

My wife Maria and I would like to thank you and Angie for helping us with all our different options with medicare supplemental policies. We appreciated how you spelled everything out. With your help, we feel we have chosen the right policy for all our needs moving forward. We will recommend your company to others. Thank you again.