Everything You Need to Know About Medicare Coverage for Ozempic

By: Chris Grimmond • On: January 3, 2024

Are you looking for comprehensive information on Medicare coverage for Ozempic?  Look no further!  In this article, we’ll provide everything you need to know about this medication and how Medicare covers it. Ozempic is a popular prescription medication used to treat type 2 diabetes.  It belongs to a class of drugs called GLP-1 receptor agonists, […]

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What Does Medicare Drug Price Negotiations Mean For Me?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: December 29, 2023

The Power of Negotiation Enables Medicare to Lower Drug Prices   In today’s healthcare landscape, the soaring cost of prescription drugs has become a critical concern for millions of Americans.  As Medicare beneficiaries struggle with skyrocketing medication prices, the power to negotiate Medicare drug prices emerges as a potential solution. With over 65 million enrollees, Medicare […]

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Navigating Medicare Approved Chiropractors: Your Guide to Local Specialists

By: Chris Grimmond • On: October 5, 2023

Finding a Medicare approved chiropractor can be a daunting task, especially if you’re dealing with chronic pain or a specific condition requiring specialized care. Knowing where to turn for effective treatment is crucial. That’s where our comprehensive guide comes in, dedicated to helping you navigate the world of Medicare approved chiropractors near you with ease. […]

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Medicare Plan N vs Plan G: Understanding the Differences

By: Chris Grimmond • On: September 19, 2023

Are you ready to dive into the intricate world of Medicare Supplements? If you’re exploring your options, you’ve probably come across Medicare Supplement Plan N and Plan G. While both plans offer comprehensive coverage, what are the differences between Medicare Plan N vs Plan G? In this essential guide, we’ll take a closer look at […]

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Nursing Home Coverage in Medicare Advantage Plans Explored

By: Chris Grimmond • On: September 12, 2023

How Does Medicare Advantage Work In Nursing Homes? Taking care of our loved ones is always a top priority, especially regarding their health and well-being. For many seniors, nursing home care is necessary as they require specialized medical attention, like intense physical & occupational therapy and speech-language pathology. In such situations, it’s crucial to understand […]

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Newest Medicare Eligibility Rules

By: Chris Grimmond • On: May 21, 2023

You don’t get Medicare because you want it. You must be eligible for Medicare. Medicare eligibility doesn’t mean you can enroll in Medicare whenever you wish. You can only enroll in Medicare during specific periods under particular circumstances.  These special times are called election periods, each governed by criteria and circumstances. You must meet specific […]

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2023 Medicare Changes for Insulin

By: Chris Grimmond • On: May 17, 2023

Medicare is superb health insurance.  The coverage is the most comprehensive of any health plan.  The cost is incredibly low for the consumer.  The medication portion, unfortunately, which has been relatively new since 2006, is not as good as most employer-provided drug coverage, at least for the Medicare demographic.  Consequently, Medicare continually evolves, so the […]

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Why Are Medicare Advantage Plans So Bad?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: January 27, 2023

Why do so many people bash Medicare Advantage? Yet, in every Part of the country, Medicare plans are expanding, and more people are joining. Why are Medicare Advantage plans considered so bad when they attract so many people and keep them as loyal customers? What Makes Medicare Advantage Plans Bad? The main reason is location, […]

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What Is Medicare Supplement Free Look Period?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: January 18, 2023

Medicare has lots of rules and regulations. The insurance companies and the State Insurance Commissioners have even more laws. The Medicare supplement 30-day free look period is one of those rules. Medicare Supplements are called Medigap policies because filling in the gaps is precisely what they do. They fill in the gaps in Original Medicare. […]

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Which is Better, Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: January 12, 2023

When people compare Medicare with Medicare Advantage, they usually mean Medicare (Original Medicare) with a Medicare Supplement and a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan versus Medicare Advantage (Part C) with prescription drugs included. The comparison is difficult because they are drastically different, so I believe a fair side-by-side comparison is impossible. That, however, does […]

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Omaha Insurance Solutions

Ron & Terri T.

Chris and his team are absolutely amazing. He is so knowledgeable of the Medicare sign up process that we were totally impressed and would highly recommend Chris and his team to anyone. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Joe & Myra R.

What an adventure! We started getting ourselves educated about Medicare insurance coverage several years ago – a bit too early, given how things change every year! While we had a foundational knowledge of the basics, it was helpful to work with Chris to fine tune all the nuances and make sure we were enrolling in the plan that best met our needs. Fingers crossed that our retirement and future insurance needs do not present any unwelcomed “surprises”. If that’s the case, we’ll be setting up time with Chris to help us through it!

Lisa G

Thank you Christopher!
You made the whole process of choosing a Medicare supplement easy and less confusing.
I appreciate your knowledge and professionalism. You are a great asset to all of us “young at heart” clients!
I will give your name and number to my eligible Medicare friends.
Thanks again,