Patrick B.

Chris made it very simple to go on Medicare.

Sandy B.

Chris was very knowledgeable, and he helped me pick out the best plan for me.

John B.

Chris was very knowledgeable about Medicare. He took care of everything. He was friendly and helpful.

Vickie J.

I recently had shoulder surgery, and I was delighted to not have to pay any co-pays. Chris got me into a great plan. The best thing about Chris is that he stays in touch. I have had other insurance agents say they will stay in touch, but never do. Chris Checks in on me. Sent me a birthday card. Called to wish me a happy birthday. Called after my surgery to check on me and my plan.

Linda C.

I am grateful for Chris because he saved me over $400 a year on my Medicare Supplement policy. We’re on a fixed income, so that savings means a lot to us

Bob & Mary Lou D.

Chris sat down with us and explained our Medicare options. When we were done, we were very confident that we made the best decisions, and he’s got personality too.

Roger J.

Medicare and insurance are so complex for me. Chris makes it a cake walk. He took care of me.

Cindy S.

Chris made the transition to Medicare very, very easy.

Fred B.

Chris is concise and to the point. He is very knowledgeable about Medicare. I recommend Chris Grimmond.

Patrick B.

The service I received from Chris was superlative. I am confident that with Chris’s help I received the best coverage I could obtain anywhere for the price paid.