Richard & Sandy P.

Chris was very thorough. He made Medicare understandable, and when we didn’t understand something, he stopped and went over it until we did.

John & Pat H.

Chris is on time, thorough, and knowledgeable.

Kirk & Donna H.

Chris was very thorough. He answered all our questions about Medicare. He made Medicare very understandable.

Terry & Deb H.

Chris is smart, friendly, and handsome! He took care of Medicare for both of us.

Carol G.

Chris is on-time, upbeat, and very knowledgeable about Medicare.

Viann E.

Chris was very organized and prepared. He made Medicare insurance much more understandable and easy to comprehend.

Donna D.

Chris explained everything to me. He took care of all the paper work. He is good guy.

Gary D.

Chris Grimmond has been my agent for a couple of years. He introduced me to Medicare and explained how it worked. He has taken care of me. The Medicare plan he enrolled me into covered more than I expected. I’m moving to Colorado now, and Chris is setting me up with another plan there. He took care of all the paperwork, explained the new plan to me, and made the whole transition simple. Moving is a big enough headache. Chris made my move easier for me.

Rod C.

Chris explained Medicare thoroughly. He was patient and follows up.

Ruby C.

Chris Grimmond explained Medicare to me. Showed me the Medicare plans, and helped me find the one for me.