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Medicare insurance companies use pools of people to determine pricing for insurance policies.  An insurance company looks at large amounts of data.  Actuaries see the number of medical claims submitted in each area down to the zip code going back years.  Based upon the number and the cost of those claims, actuaries estimate the potential future medical claims among a population in a specific geographic area.  So, Medicare insurance companies price Medicare supplements to a specific location.  That is why the prices will vary from state to state, city to rural, zip code to zip code.  The cost of a Medigap plan is unique to Blair, Nebraska.

The Sioux City & Pacific Railroad line in 1869 created Blair as the last stop in its line and named the town after the railroad magnate, John Blair, who brought the railroad to the area.  Blair and Washington County were a rural area that was part of the great Midwestern breadbasket that fed Chicago and the eastern United States.  The railroad served as an artery to bring goods to the big cities.

Blair is still very rural, with thousands of acres in corn.  The trend, however, in Nebraska is toward depopulation of the farming areas.  Retired farmers move to more metropolitan areas like Omaha, where there are more amenities than in the country.  On the other side, Blair is close to Omaha, so many Omahans move to Blair to get the country experience with the convenience of the city and reasonable commute time to work.

The city of Blair, which is also the county seat, has a population of around 8,000.  It is close enough to Omaha to serve as a bedroom community.

Medicare insurance companies constantly compete against one another for market share.  An insurance company can see the medical claims in each area of the state and determine if it wants to complete for those consumers by lowering the premiums in one of several zip codes.  An insurance company may not wish to compete for a whole state, but it may wish to compete for a particular section because it can beat its competition there.

Medicare Insurance Prices Are Unique to Valley, NE

The cost for a Medicare supplement will be different in Blair than in Omaha or other places.  Medicare supplement premiums are constantly shifting, like the price of oranges at the grocery store. Good shoppers are continuously checking the prices before shopping.  Let us see which plans are a better deal for you if you live in Blair, Nebraska.


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