How To Buy Medigap Insurance?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: May 7, 2015

Most people show up at the steps of Medicare without any idea about how to buy Medigap insurance.  If they have health insurance company A at their work, they call up health insurance company A and buy their Medigap insurance from company A.  They don’t shop, and most pay more without getting more. Amateur Or […]

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What Does Medicare Cover For Diabetes Costs For Medicare Part A & B?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: April 24, 2015

What Does Medicare Cover For Diabetics? Diabetes is one of the fastest-growing medical conditions in America and can be one of the most costly conditions to treat. Diabetes costs for Medicare are important for Medicare beneficiaries to know. According to the Center for Disease Control, there are currently 21.0 million Americans who have been diagnosed […]

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How To Enroll For Medicare Easily and Quickly in Omaha, Nebraska

By: Chris Grimmond • On: April 4, 2015

Enroll in Medicare Online Without Breaking a Sweat Don’t expect a letter from Medicare. Don’t wait for a phone call. No one will show up at your door from Social Security with a red, white, and blue Medicare card in hand. You are on your own enrolling for Medicare.  So, how do you do it? […]

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What Does Medicare A Cover For Free And Not Cover?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: March 31, 2015

Know What Medicare A Covers I have known veterans who only took Medicare A because it was free, and they opted out of  Medicare Part B for doctor and outpatient services because it cost something.  They thought Medicare A was enough because they could rely on the VA hospital.  The VA, however, changes what it […]

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How Much Is Medicare Part A Deductible For 2021?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: March 27, 2015

Like most children, I learned to sing the alphabet before I learned to read it. From that humble beginning, language opened up to me. Why does that matter when we’re talking about Medicare? You can’t understand language without first understanding the alphabet. Medicare has a language and an alphabet all its own.    Medicare Part […]

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What Is the Medicare Modernization Act?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: October 9, 2021

Medicare Modernization Caused Medicare Confusion After Congress created Medicare and President Lyndon Johnson signed the Medicare program into law, insurance companies began designing and offering health plans to fill in the gaps in Medicare-covered services. Insurance companies started developing many Medigap policies to fill in Medicare Part A and Part B gaps. There were no […]

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The Cost of Medicare Supplement Plans

By: Chris Grimmond • On: October 1, 2021

Mistake 1–The Cost of Medicare Supplement Plans is Different, but the Plans Are the Same The line I hear repeatedly is ‘I’m looking for the best coverage for the least amount of money.’   Here are some common mistakes consumers make when selecting their Medigap plan. The key to understanding the cost of Medicare supplement plans […]

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Medicare Advantage Insurance Plans in Omaha Nebraska: The Pros & Cons

By: Chris Grimmond • On: September 25, 2021

When people talk about Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage insurance plans in Omaha, Nebraska, they are usually making a comparison. The comparison is generally to Original Medicare and a Medicare Supplement with Part D. These are the two main ways most people get their Medicare. These two ways are very different, and I don’t […]

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The 3 Questions To Ask Your Medicare Insurance Agent

By: Chris Grimmond • On: September 17, 2021

So, What Questions Should You Ask Your Medicare Insurance Agent? What Is Medicare Advantage? Sometimes there is confusion about Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage insurance plans in Omaha, Nebraska. I have heard doctors’ offices call it “Medicare replacement plans” or “it is not Medicare.” So when asking what questions to ask your Medicare insurance […]

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3 Questions About Medicare Supplement Underwriting in Omaha

By: Chris Grimmond • On: September 16, 2021

#1. Can You Change Your Medicare Supplement Without Underwriting in Omaha? Outside of your Open Enrollment or Guaranteed Issue (GI) situation, you must go through Medicare Supplement underwriting in Omaha. This means all of Nebraska and Iowa as well. I had an incredible case a couple of years ago. Several financial advisors refer their clients […]

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What 3 Important Questions Should a Good Medicare Insurance Agent Ask?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: September 10, 2021

#1. A Good Medicare Insurance Agent Should Ask “What Kind of Prescription Medications You Are Taking?” After almost a decade of being a Medicare insurance agent, I still get nervous when prospective clients push their list of medications across the conference table. When I look at the list, I either tense up or breathe a […]

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Medicare 2021 Changes to Know About

By: Chris Grimmond • On: March 5, 2021

Every year there are changes to Medicare.  The changes are usually not as drastic as the television commercials would lead you to believe.  The purpose of the advertisements is to stimulate fear, uncertainty, and greed.  They hit it hard to motivate you to call the 800-number.  They will claim to offer a free objective evaluation.  […]

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Does Medicare Advantage Pay For Home Health Care?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: June 30, 2020

Medicare Advantage and Home Health Care All Medicare Advantage (MA) plans must provide at least the same level of coverage for home health care as does Original Medicare, so Medicare Advantage pays for home health care.  However, an MA plan may have different rules, costs, and restrictions on services.  For example, depending on a person’s […]

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How Long Does Medicare Pay For Home Health Care?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: June 9, 2020

Home health care is like it sounds. It is the care that takes place in the home.  Home health care consists of a wide range of services, like physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and nursing care.  But, how long does Medicare pay for home health care? The purpose of home health care is short term […]

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Does Medicare Cover Home Health Care?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: June 2, 2020

Medicare covers Home Health Care, but the Medicare beneficiary must meet particular criteria, maintain a status of medical need, and follow Medicare regulations and processes to enjoy the benefits. Eligibility For Medicare Home Health Care Benefits A physician must certify that skilled care is needed and must prescribe the plan of care. A participating Medicare-approved […]

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