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Cheryl B. & Mary N.

Chris has been our insurance agent for five years. He made the whole Medicare process easy to understand and paid attention to every detail to tailor a program that would be a best fit for us. If we have a question or issue, Chris responds back immediately! He’s been an absolute pleasure to work with! We highly recommend Chris for all your Medicare and Insurance needs.

Mark P.

Chris has the education, background, experience, knowledge, and most of all, character and communication skills necessary to provide his clients very clear and considerate advice. I have been immensely happy to have had met him just when I needed to decide on Medicare and related preparation for healthcare after retirement.

Ron W.

Medicare is confusing. I didn’t know what to do. Chris got us through it.

Louise W.

Chris made Medicare easy.

Jeanie W.

Chris explained Medicare thoroughly. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. I was very comfortable working with Chris.

Wayne & Barb E.

Chris was very thorough. He answered all our questions and concerns. In the end, we felt very comfortable going on Medicare and with our choices.

Mark W.

Chris made Medicare simple, easy, QUICK!

Richard V.

I was approaching Medicare. I didn’t know what to do. I asked a cousin for advice. He told me he had a guy who would do it all for me. That’s what Chris did. He made Medicare understandable. He took care of everything. He made Medicare easy.

Kathryn T.

Chris is always there when I call with questions about Medicare and my Medicare plan.

Ron S.

Chris is very knowledgeable about Medicare and took care of everything.

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