Vickie A.

Chris did everything right. He answered all my questions when I asked them. He took away my anxiety over going on Medicare.

Annie C.

Chris made going on Medicare an easy and smooth process.

Don S.

Chris makes Medicare simple and interesting, so we could understand it.

Sterling C.

Chris made Medicare simple and easy.


Chris is very knowledgeable about Medicare. He is easy to talk with and friendly. Lots of energy. Very professional.

Greg & Julie C.

Chris got a new Medicare card for me and my number over the phone because I lost my card. He did everything right. Very knowledgeable.

Elaine H.

Chris is very pleasant and knowledgeable about Medicare. My husband has been a satisfied client for the past 7 years. That’s why I am here.

Christal C.

Chris made everything about going on Medicare and picking a plan great!

Doug V

Chris did a great job for my Medicare! Everything about the experience was good.

Becky S.

I felt that Chris was really working in my best interest.