HSA With Medicare

By: Chris Grimmond • On: December 26, 2022

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a powerful tax-advantaged devise. An HSA, however, can have devastating effect if you do not understand how an HSA works with Medicare. What Is An HSA? A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a type of personal savings account introduced in 2003. It is designed to work with employer health […]

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What Is The Medicare Donut Hole?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: December 22, 2022

Many people have heard of the Medicare Donut Hole, but even those on Medicare are not familiar with what the donut hole really means unless they fall into it. When you are in the Medicare Donut Hole, you know it and quickly learn what it means.  Clients call me monthly asking, “What’s going on? My […]

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What Is The 2023 Medicare Part A Deductible?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: December 21, 2022

The amount of the Medicare Part A Hospital deductible for 2023 is vital because other numbers are based upon it. The Part Hospital A deductible in 2023 is more than just a dollar amount. The Part A deductible for Medicare drives the other copays, coinsurance, and deductibles. Part A not only covers inpatient hospital stays. […]

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What Is The Medicare Drug Deductible for 2023?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: December 20, 2022

January begins a new calendar year for Medicare. What does that mean for your Medicare drug deductibles in 2023? For most Medicare members with a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, you have a deductible. The Medicare drug deductible for 2023 is currently $505. The Part D drug deductible for 2022 was $480, which means […]

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My Medicare Login

By: Chris Grimmond • On: November 16, 2022

I changed how I do my meetings with new clients. I set up their My Medicare login before they leave my office because . . . . Client Problem A client called me because he had an unpaid bill. He claimed the insurance company with his Medicare Supplement policy would not pay his hospital bills. […]

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How to Apply For Medicare In Nebraska For 2022

By: Chris Grimmond • On: November 3, 2022

If you have paid payroll taxes (FICA) for 40 quarters (or 10 years), you are eligible to apply for Medicare in Nebraska for 2022. You are eligible for Medicare Part A at zero premium and may purchase Part B at the current cost if your income is below the IRMAA (Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts) […]

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Medicare Or Employer Provided Health Insurance?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: August 8, 2022

Which Is A Better Deal for You? Medicare Or Employer Health Insurance Congress created a problem in the 1980s when it increased the age for full Social Security benefits. Eligibility was age 65 for both Social Security AND Medicare. Medicare eligibility is still age 65, but full Social Security benefit now is 66 and six […]

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How Does Medicaid Work?

By: Chris Grimmond • On: May 19, 2022

What is Medicaid? ‘Medicare For All’ is a slogan that we have heard repeatedly in political campaigns and on the news.  Medicare, and Medicaid to a lesser extent, are successful social programs that a majority of Americans embrace. How does Medicaid work? The biggest bones of contention have to do with the funding of Medicaid.  […]

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Medicare And Hospice

By: Chris Grimmond • On: May 16, 2022

Does Medicare Cover Hospice? Many people are still not very familiar with Medicare and hospice.  It is actually a fairly new idea.  The “end of life movement” began in the ’70s.  (The “end of life movement” is separate and distinct from the Euthanasia movement and organizations, like the Hemlock Society.)  Medicare did not cover Hospice […]

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Medicare Appeal Process

By: Chris Grimmond • On: May 13, 2022

Medicare Denial One of the biggest fears people have when they come to my office, for example, is backbreaking medical bills.  A major concern is: ‘Will Medicare cover . . . . ?   You can then imagine how clients react when Medicare does not cover a bill.  Fortunately, I do not get many frantic phone […]

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Omaha Insurance Solutions

Vicki R.

I couldn’t be happier with Christopher Grimmond, his executive assistant Angie, and with Omaha Insurance Solutions.
They found me a plan with a much lower premium, and it was a very positive experience. I would highly recommend Chris Grimmond at Omaha Insurance Solutions.

Cathy B.

Chris made deciding about Medicare very easy. He returned calls promptly. I appreciate him being readily available.

Robert & Diana S.

You can’t go wrong with Chris. He is very knowledgeable. Chris made Medicare insurance understandable to us